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Axon- Vision

AI- Based Situational Awareness.


Axon Vision established in Israel in 2017 and caters to the military, defense and civilian markets.

Axon-Vision cooperates with entrepreneurs and is involved in cutting-edge projects


Axon’s capabilities include:

  1. Multiclass Automatic Target Recognition (ATR)

  2. Multiple Target Tracking and Tracks Management

  3. High end Video Motion Detection (VMD)

  4. Sub-categories classification of vehicle classification (Truck, Bus, Pickup, Military, etc.)

  5. Action and feature recognition (Running, Armed/not armed, Gender, etc.)

  6. Semantic Segmentation and smart scanning

  7. Range estimation

  8. Navigability prediction

  9. Autonomous Mission

  10. Recording and archive system

  11. Encoded video ethernet streaming supports (H.264, H.265, VP9, VP8)


Axon’s products support all sensors and Spectrums Day/night, horizontal, oblique, vertical

Real Time Edge Processing for multiple sources in parallel.


The company's products are globally unique and unrivaled they are designed to work with difficult-to-process video,

taken with scanning and moving cameras while in motion, in any place, time and weather.


Noah Patterson

Programming Editor

Raz - CEO.jpg

Raz Roditti

Co-Founder & Chairman


Ido Rozenberg

Co-Founder & CTO

Noah Patterson

Programming Editor


Dan Mitchell 

Assistant Manager


Increase situational awareness

Faster decision-Making

Enable autonomous capabilities



Flexible configuration of functions allows integrators to optimize their system for a wide variety of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), Inspection, and other applications.

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