Edge 360 enhances closed hatches operations while providing complete situational awareness in a single view.

Edge 360 is based on AI algorithms designed to perform on low power, embedded edge computing GPU to detect, track and classify threats in real time. The system utilizes state of the art sensors to provide the crew with 360 degrees situational awareness through an intuitive UI and a customized alert mechanism.  


Tactical AI edge product for stabilized gimbal covering low-medium altitude. 

Providing situational awareness, faster decision making and autonomous capabilities


Axon-Vision’s AI-NGCV smart scopes are part of the AI-NGCV product line that also includes Edge360. It is used by leading military platforms and trusted widely in the industry.


Axon-Vision NGCV smart scopes are real-time AI analytics that completely change the use and power of the commander scope or weapon system.


The smart scope becomes an inseparable tool for maximizing efficiency, lethality and survivability in the hands of the commander or weapon operator.


Using AI, the smart scope can extend and automate missions like surveillance, fire support and observation-to-fire missions.


The solution incorporates state of the art AI hardware to facilitate both the AI, the mission computer and the video streaming to the display.


Using Axon-Vision open architecture software SDK it connectes and integrates to the scope and existing communication solutions like BMS.