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The Rise of Combat AI

Enables manned and unmanned platforms to proactively detect, track, and neutralize threats. 


Our vision

With years of experience in deep learning technology, Axon vision is a leader in utilizing the cutting-edge technology for applications in the computer vision field.

We see a world in which a system operator has the ability to automatically understand the targets, threats and obstacles that might interrupted the complex operation of heavy machinery or a drone. Systems with visual sensors equipped with Axon’s solutions will provide insightful view of the scene and  will help to reduce the cognitive load of the operators. 

Our solutions

EDGE 360

Empowering operators with a real-time, AI based decision making engine


Providing ground vehicles with complete and automated 360° situational awareness.


A complete cutting edge system including state of the art embedded GPUs and 360 sensors suite.


Intuitive UI and a customized alerts mechanism.


Designed to detect, track, classify and estimate the whereabout of threats in real time.

Why us

Leading organizations protect their teams
with Axon Vision

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Sophisticated algorithms & simple hardware

Multiple hardware options and complete software function configuration flexibility provide integrators with powerful video processing solutions.


Plug and play integration

Our flexible video processing hardware and software enables camera system integrators to create a tailored solution in a wide range of civil, commercial, and military operations. Our product is not limited to the below applications.



Tight integration with camera systems. Low latency feedback.


Military grade

The solution is MIL-STD qualified and has been used in various extremely harsh environments.

Why Axon Vision?

"Great solutions are a mix of innovation and high quality.
We value our long term partnership with
Axon because their solutions are more than great"

Lt. Col. Eran Dahan
Head of sensors section, IMOD
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